dB Meter DB

The dB-Meter measures power stability and power changes across a wide dynamic range with high accuracy and high speed. A fiber coupled stabilized 1.55µm laser diode is built in for quick and easy testing of passive components or local fiber loops. Alternatively light of external sources within a wavelength range of 780nm-1650nm can be used.

The test signal is provided both through an analog interface (0V–3V) and serial (USB) interface in a digital way. The measurement value is provided on command (“pull”), in fixed time intervals (“push”) or self-triggered on a pre-defined level.

No extra power supply is needed when connecting the USB-interface.

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Specification dBM - 00 - C3rd - FCP



 source wavelength

 receiver wavelength

 dynamic range

 maximum detectable power

 minimum integration time

 maximum integration time 

 maximum fiber core diameter (FC/PC)


 operation (non-condensing)



  1.55 µm

  0.78-1.65 µm

  60 dB

  1 mW

  1 ms

  1 min

  62.5 µm

  145x100x17 cmm

  5-35 °C



  • special test laser diodes
  • different adapters or pigtailed version

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