Pulsed Fiber Amplifier MOPA


These light sources are compact Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) setups that can be directly modulated within certain limits of repetition rate and pulse power.  Standard products operate at wavelengths of 1,5 µm at a repetition rate of > 6 kHz and a pulse energy of 10 µJ/50 ns (200 W peak power).

1050-1090 nm wavelength is available on request. Customer specific products at both wavelength windows with an additional booster-amplifier stage permit much higher repetition rates (above 50 kHz) or peak output (2 kW).

The high power density  and excellent beam parameter product, after decoupling into freespace, make these light sources a preferred choice for many test and measurement applications. Especially mobile range finders and LIDAR-systems can benefit from the beam quality in connection with low power consumption. 

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Pulsed Fiber Amplifier MOPA


Specifications Module FL-Er 23 C1P FCA M01


 Operating wavelength range

 Optical 0utput (cw average)

 Pulse energy

 Pulse width (FWHM)

 Repetition rate *

 * reduced pulse energy at 100 kHz

 Operation current

 Package size (L x W x H)

 Operating temperature

 Storage temperature


  1530 - 1565 nm

  > 23 dBm

  > 10 µJ

  > typ. 50 ns

  < 6 - 20 kHz *

  2 µJ

  max. 4 A

  145 x 100 x 17 cmm

  0 - 40 °C

  -40 - 85 °C














  +5 V


  Pout Monitor






  Pin Monitor




  • booster stages (average power > 1 W)
  • collimation optics
  • customized versions and housings
  • versions with Yb-doped fiber (1060nm window)
  • customized seed sources

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