Fibotec Fiberoptics is open to all inquiries for single mode as well as multimode fiberoptical products in the spectral range of range of 200 nm - 2 µm. Currently most applications exist at the NIR range of between 750 nm to 1650 nm, where mostly single mode fibers are used for these highly advanced technological solutions. The instrument technology used to calculate performance, spectrum, time behavior, and polarization conditions, concentrates on providing reliable and optimal solutions for the existing products.

Analog and digital electronic circuits for electrical supply, drivers, control panels and signal evaluations are designed and produced to play with the fiberoptical functional groups. We are able to design and test electronic circuits using DC to the low GHz ranges, beyond that the existing requirements will be solved externally.

Customers value the possibility to adapt the technical, as well as, cosmetic aspects of modules and devices to their personal specifications. Assembly and connection technology are carried out in house in non-hermetic conditions, cooperation with other partners can result if specific requirements warrant it.

Our extensive business-wide and regional High tech networking resources enable us to fulfill even the most challenging demands!

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